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Forex Trading Tactics

If you are making attempts to become a successful trader, you must develop your own strategy. Since there is no a standard trading strategy in the trading practice that would fit for all traders, you need to create one that would be suitable by all aspects. There are traders who use only technical analysis when trading, while the… Read More »

How to Trade Online

The information provided in this article aims to help anyone interested in online trading get started. This material can be easily applied to any market. It has been designed for those who might have heard that online trading is a great source of income, but have no idea how it works. Choosing a Way to Trade Since high-speed… Read More »

10 Tips to a Better Forex Trading Strategy

Over the past decade,Forex trading has grown rapidly thanks to its expansion on the internet. What was once considered a side trading strategy by those who delved in stocks is now open to millions of people who can trade on a daily basis. The low initial cost and promise of quick results have certainly lured people of many… Read More »

Things You Can Find Out From a Binary Options Robot Review

The world of Forex trading has been revolutionized by binary options robots and the rumor that they might be efficient for beginners spread across the entire globe, encouraging them to invest in this software. Binary robots are indeed an excellent way of automating transactions and they offer many benefits to those who know how to use them. However,… Read More »

5 Most Profitable Triangle Patterns For Traders

There is much debate around technical analysis. There are many in the academic world who claim technical analysis to be nonsense and trading on the basis of MACDs and resistance lines is a road to nowhere. On the other hand, there are many profitable traders who swear by technical analysis and there are also many trading systems that… Read More »

Fundamental Analysis in the Forex Trading Market

A Financial market is typically approaching traders in one of two ways: either through fundamental analysis or technical analysis. In reality, financial trading market history is full of traders who have had successful careers as traders that used both of the kinds of analyses. In actual fact, in Jack Schwager’s best-selling classic, Market Wizards, two of the traders… Read More »

How to Trade the ZUP Indicator

When the ZUP pattern is properly identified, the trader can enter a high probability trade. The main advantage of this trade is the ability to set tight stop loss orders in case of pattern failure. As with any trading system, this pattern is best used in conjunction with other reinforcing indicators. Support, resistance, and pivot points would be… Read More »