Forex Rebate – A Win-Win Strategy

By | November 15, 2017

The topic of forex rebates is widely discussed these days and many portals and forums are available over the internet, where traders discuss a lot on this topic. Many people have a doubt as to whether it is a marketing trick or a real advantage and whether it can bring the traders better chances to earn? Also, they have a doubt as to whether the concept of forex rebate is suitable only for experienced dealers or whether it is suitable for traders with different skill sets. Some of the details about this concept are given below:

Sometimes, the idea of free money or easy rebates seems to be too good to be true. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will be in a position to get cash back. The fact is that nowadays, rebates are available in different industries, but in different forms. The level of rebates may vary from a couple of US dollars up to hundreds. Rebates are sometimes used as a marketing strategy to attract more and more customers.


This concept is applicable to Forex trading as well. This means that a Forex broker will offer commission to introducing brokers, who are otherwise called as referring brokers for introducing new clients. This process can be termed as affiliate marketing as the introducing brokers are making deals with different brokers. All parties involved in Forex rebates win in the following ways:

Traders: Dealers win because the trading conditions do not change, and as a dealer you will be trading with the same conditions as you would deal directly with a broker like with the same minimum deposits, platforms and spreads, but can receive your cashback.

Introducing broker: These people will win as they will still get the commission for referring a client to a broker. The more clients they introduce, better will be their profits and this is applicable even though they repay part of their profits to the traders.

Forex broker: A Forex broker will also benefit in the way of getting new customers and even though, they will have to pay commission to the introducing broker, they can also make a profit.

In short, forex rebate is a concept that is beneficial for all the parties involved. This is why brokers call it as a win-to-win strategy. So, it is better to get a clear understanding about this concept and it is important that the trader should carefully choose a rebate service provider, to reap the benefits thereof.

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